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Adrian Burns


Adrian Burns began his photographic work at the Putney School in Vermont, USA, known for its Fine Arts Program. He continued his university education at the Parsons School of Design in Paris, FR, majoring in art history and photography. He then moved to New York City, where he worked in commercial and fashion photography and participated in individual and group exhibitions.


His experience in fashion has brought Burns collaborations with the most important clients in Mexico and internationally, such as Cartier, Levi’s, Louis Vuitton, INCA Swimwear or Heike Jaric just to mention a few. Burns is also known for his photography work in magazines such as Travel & Leisure, Elle, FHM, Sportswear International Magazine and National Geographic.


Moving back to Mexico in 2004, he launched his own production company and created the AB Studio. In 2007, he entered the film industry as director of photography and producer of the feature film “Panorama ». Later on, he was director of photography, director and producer of the short film“Perfecta In-comunicación ».


In 2009, he produced and directed the feature film written by his father Archibaldo Burns who was a scriptwriter and film director named "La Noche de las Flores” unveiled as a World Premiere in 2011 under "The Night of the Flowers". He then continued with his Art photography exploring different fields that took him into creating his own technic in 2018 which involves photography, graphite and acrylic.


His photographs and artworks are exhibited in several museums around the world including private collections and foundations such as the Vermont Museum of Contemporary Art +Design,The American British Cowdray Medical Centre Foundation and the Fundación/Colección Jumex in Mexico.

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